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Every day I try to learn by teaching, to study something new with a voracious appetite for knowledge and with the satisfaction that, when the time comes, I will be able to communicate, transmit and share all the knowledge with more people.

I do not pretend to create a space where I tell you the things we do every day. I would like to use this corner that we are creating, in order to  generate a synergy of knowledge that can be accessed by all those who want it. And it is also about being able to establish a flow of communication with all those people interested in what we want to tell you, in this city or in another, in this country or another, and why not, in this continent or in another.

We live in a society of globalization, information flows around us constantly and reaches places that not many years ago, we would have considered unthinkable. And I consider all this a luck, to be able to share knowledge with anyone in any place, to be able to generate synergies of work with professionals who are not near me, to share ideas, procedures, methods of work, even thoughts ..., where the biggest beneficiaries be our patients.

I hope you´ll enjoy with all you find in these pages.

Federico Palomar

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